Sunday, 10 August 2014


Kecelaruan pakar perlembagaan Aziz Bari pasal MB Bebas

Ketika dan waktunya Selangor menghampiri Piliharaya, maka ramai lah orang yang pakar di dalam pelbagai bidang akan menyuarakan sesuatu sebagai publisti murahan. Tujuannya untuk menarik perhatian Presiden Presiden parti dalam PR, ingat kepada sokongan yang di berikan.

Dr Aziz Bari adalah yang paling menonjol. Beliau tentu sekali akan mencari jalan agar beliau di pilih menjadi calon PKR di salah sebuah kawasan. PKR kena bantu dia kerana sudah berhenti kerja di UIA. Seorang lagi Ustaz yang gemar berkhalwat, Ustaz Amiruddin..

Sekarang baru tahu, dunia politik ini macam mana, khasnya tindak tanduk DS Anwar Ibrahim yang mengamalkan dasar kuku besi dalam pentadbiran..


  1. Sim Fatt Loke · Heriot-Watt University
    I agreed fully with you. It is very sad to read lawyers and even law professor saying otherwise. They are not only misleading the people and are also lying to themselves.

  2. Ruslan Mansor · Top Commenter · Works at Agro Bank Malaysia
    These PKR lawyers are politic lawyers and their brain think that politic is above the law. They interpreted law at their own taste only.

  3. Ajmel Shakir Jamaludin · Top Commenter
    aziz bari and sivarasa know the state constitution very well but they chose to be macai serving their political masters. Shame on these kangkungs

  4. Ruslan Mansor · Top Commenter · Works at Agro Bank Malaysia
    They are lawyer burok just manupalate for their own politic interest. We can see most of the lawyers are bias and double standard when giving opinion and comment to the public on any politic issues involved DAP vs BN.

  5. Abdul Mutalib Abdul Rahman · Top Commenter
    This is what happen when lawyer or academician talk about law with partisans interest in mind. PR refuse to go for vote of no confident and many others options. Now its all in the hand of HRH Sultan Selangor to make decision. Such intelligent and well advised Sultan... Its very interesting to see where this unnecessary conflict will go. Anwar should step back and let the Selangor Government finish its terms and see if the Voters still continue to support instead of doing what he is doing now. So much coming from Party that promote "Justice" or perhaps what Anwar decides is what is actual "Justice" to PKR?

  6. Selangor MB crisis: Exco members need not resign, says Surendran


    PETALING JAYA: There is no constitutional reason for Selangor executive councilors to resign from their posts following the sacking of its Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim from PKR.

    PKR vice president N Surendran, in a statement, said the sacking of the MB by the party only affects him personally and makes it untenable for him to continue to remain as MB.

    The Padang Serai MP said that the exco members shall hold office at the Ruler’s pleasure, as enshrined in the Article 53 (7) of the state constitution.

    “Thus, the sacking of MB by his party in no way deprives the exco of executive authority to lay any obligation upon them to resign.

    “It is crucial to note that irrespective of the situation of the MB, the state exco can continue to govern the state,” he said.